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Staff Development and Personal Growth

As at the end of 2016, the Group had a total of 5,500 employees. The Group has always regarded human resources as its most precious resources. Given the current business environment and development stage, the Group closely sticks to its medium to long-term development strategy and annual business objectives, by keeping an eye on “organisation” and “people”, the two core management elements in human resources, to seek breakthroughs by strengthening system and process buildup and ensuring incentives for staff development. Fundamental management in each of the human resources modules is consolidated on an ongoing basis to ensure the Company’s profitability could be enhanced continuously and achieve strategic objectives steadily. The Group adopts a “people-oriented” approach by seeking to create a harmonious, friendly workplace to enhance staff relations and sense of belonging. The Group continues to enhance the staff management system as well as providing staff with more comprehensive and appropriate on-the job training to boost their work efficiency.

The Group is building a specialised staff development path based on business needs of different regions and professional companies that caters for both job qualification requirements and staff sustainability to improve the quality of staff training continuously. During the year, the Group conducted 1,446 training courses with a total attendance of 9,402 persons. Offices at different levels organised a series of training activities in line with their respective business situations, staff needs and team building. Under the training brand of “E-learning Academy of China Overseas Property”, the subsidiaries organised various thematic and series training courses while constantly improving staff training programmes including professional certifications and key staff development.

To further enhance business continuity and sustainability, the Group establishes and maintains two human resources brands — “Sons of the Sea” and “Sea’s Recruits” to expand recruitment channels continuously, with a focus on building a sound regional recruitment platform to establish an efficient staff replenishment mechanism. During the year, over 360 quality people were recruited for different business lines, thus making sure adequate and quality manpower is available for the Group’s rapid business growth. With its outstanding image as an employer and recruitment brand, the Group received numerous honors and awards during the year, like the “China Best Employer Award 2016” (organised by www.zhaopin.com).

The Group continues to apply the “people-oriented” philosophy to its management and services, placing emphasis on building a simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship and corporate atmosphere. Through ongoing reviews and improvements in performance assessment, remuneration and welfare policies as well as the workplace environment, together with organising a great variety of social club activities, like interest groups for badminton, basketball, football, tennis, swimming and physical fitness, the satisfaction and sense of belonging among staff can be boosted as well as the staff turnover rate can be reduced.

The Group respects the social values of its employees. Positive incentives are offered to employees in terms of cultural, career and work rewards through the building of a corporate culture, continuous establishment of a growth platform and timely review of remuneration and benefits. While helping staff to manage their visions and make their career plans, the Group also organised various social charitable activities, in which both the Company and the staff can contribute to the society.

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