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Each and every detail

China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd. (COLI) believes that the most important social responsibility of a property developer is to provide the market with cost-effective and high-quality products and services. For many years, COLI has always adhered to the product responsibility philosophy of “Each and Every Detail of Each and Every Project”, and cooperated with great efforts with thousands of suppliers to create values for customers by precisely managing the entire property development value chain from design, construction, marketing to customer services by means of whole-value-chain meticulous management to the whole real estate development.

Meticulous Planning and Design

Contributing to its consistent success throughout its long history of project development, COLI has been guided by an international vision influenced by a significant component of urban management and planning. The Company maintains three management levels encompassing planning, design and execution. This way of the Company can fully integrate the resources of domestic and overseas outstanding design units, enabling it to provide an in-depth analysis of plot ratio of land parcel and characteristics to calculate the value of project mix so as to maximise its profitability and the benefits to the community at the same time.

Customer demand and satisfaction are the Company’s top priority from the planning and design stage, with the aim to create an innovative design, achieve scientific management and pay careful attention to details. COLI’s planning has gradually shifted its focus to pure high-rise residential projects, pure villa projects, and high-rise + townhouse / commercial street projects. To meet the expectations of its customers for a better lifestyle, the Company’s projects have adopted a range of styles such as Art Deco, Neo-Classical, French, British and modern Chinese styles.

To reflect the grandeur of classic design, the Company has carefully considered the profile and proportion to create a node plan and a detailed drawing.The design and layout of property is highly practical and superior materials are also used. This painstaking attention to quality and customer satisfaction has helped us to gain a wide recognition and strong reputation in the market as the Company has also gradually evolved its own distinctive design style.

China Overseas Creative

Since the publication in January 2012, China Overseas Creative, in a form of monthly magazine, has been focusing on presentation of its planning and design business dynamics, excellent project, structural planning, architectural design, landscape building, house layout design and innovative design and highlights in refined decoration, and shared classical works and industrial dynamics with the peers. Now it has become a study base for summary, communication and interactive promotion in terms of planning and design business.

Community Scenario-style Children's Playground

In order to enhance the Company’s product quality and create a happy and harmonious community atmosphere, the Design Management Department of the Company headquarter developed and launched “Scenario-style Children’s Fairyland” in 2016. Up to now, it has been put into use in La Cite (Shenyang), COLI City (Shenyang), Gate of Peace (Shenyang), China Overseas International Community (Yantai), and the Paragon (Shenzhen). By then, the owners will enjoy a more fun and lively children’s playground.

Excellent Construction

Since 2014, COLI has established a construction management company to manage the engineering and contracting of project development, with the aim to push forward systematisation, standardisation and professionalism of construction, hence realising its goal of delivering premium products. To do so, it can keep the product quality live up to the expectation of property owners, and ultimately to achieve “building excellent properties”.

Construction planning

Construction planning is a unique operating mode in its project management. It requires frontline construction management staff to “formulate plans before starting the project and make plans about implementation in advance”. Construction planning does not merely cover simulated construction, but also requires thorough consideration of the layout, workflow and transportation and logistics arrangements of the project. Staff need to consider how to adopt the plan into a contract, and to make sure the plan and content is executed, thus implementing comprehensive and professional control and management over the works and increasing the extent of the overall management of the project

Quality First

COLI has consistently adhered to its tenet of product “quality first”, and takes quality improvement as the eternal theme in construction process. In accordance with its business development demand, COLI revised and published guidance document for project quality governance for the whole company, namely Manual of Safety & Quality Assessment System Management. Focusing on improvement of owner’s satisfaction and project quality, COLI defined higher requirements in terms of actual measurement, quality and safety management, and safe and civilized construction to gradually “integrate quality and safety management into daily management practice”.

Sharing of safe construction cases

In order to strengthen project safety management, the project management company has developed and issued the “Standardisation Manual of Project Visual Identification and Safe Construction”, requiring all projects under construction to follow. In 2016, pilot standardized construction was carried out in Taiyuan, Shenyang, Suzhou, and Nanjing. These projects were implemented strictly in accordance with the manual requirements from planning and designing to subsequent construction management. Through oriented protection requirements, it can achieve energy saving and emission reduction, cost saving, safe and effective protection in order to strengthen the standards for on-site construction safety management.

Sincere Customer Service

The customer is the foundation and motivation for the Company’s sustainable development and the stimulus for its product innovations. COLI insists on providing customer services throughout the entire process from positioning, planning, construction, sales, flat in-take to post stage property services, and includes the customer satisfaction levels for all regional companies into the Company’s performance appraisal. This exercise enables the Company to be involved in all business processes of property development operations from the customers’ perspective and assigns the benefits of customers as first priority, thus driving the improvement of its products and services. Since July 2012, subsidiaries at all levels upgraded the function for providing services for customers to such modules as “customer services pre-work, prospective owner communication, project in-take management, project after-sales maintenance supervision, initiative customer care, owner complaint reception and management, collaborative service with property company” to push forward systematization and elaboration of customer service management work.

China Overseas Property Club

The “China Overseas Property Club”, an association promoting interaction among property owners at COLI’s projects, was established in 2004. Its vision is “Wonderful Livelihood, Remarkable Life”. It has branches in more than 30 cities with more than 300,000 members. In 2016, all areas continued to carry out national series activities of China Overseas Property Club, including “LOHAS Sports Season”, “Happy Talent Show” and “China Oversea Experience Camp for Children of Property Owners” in all communities to make efforts to enrich China Overseas community cultural life.

Unipark New Classroom

In 2016 summer holiday, the Commercial Property Company launched Unipark New Classroom – an innovative parent-child education classroom brand available in all Uniparks. Unipark New Classroom is oriented toward children’s comprehensive development to cultivate children’s interest in exploration and thinking innovatively. It will be opened in Nanjing within the year. It also held “Colorful Summer Camp”, “Children Art Class”, “Basketball Camp” and other activities, attracting thousands of families to join the fun.

Caring for the Disabled Children

On 3 December 2016, Ji’nan Unipark cooperated with Ji’nan Mingtian Children’s Rehabilitation Centre to organise the public charity event, “To you, My love! Caring for the Disabled Children” and 25th United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The participants experienced the world of disabled children through interactive games. They also actively participated in charity flea market organised by junior volunteers from Ji’nan Women and Children Activity Centre, Huayuan Primary School, Jiuqu Kindergarten, First Primary School of Shandong University so as to offer their love to the children.

Product Responsibility

Through business line work collaboration, COLI fulfilled its commitment to customer on quality products and services, and ensured transparent information, after-sales multi-channel customer service response in its project sales process. In 2016, the Company issued a new system to strengthen product responsibility management – “Interim Management Measures for Move-in Maintenance”, with the aim of comprehensively streamlining and defining the work responsibilities and collaborative matters of real estate company, project management company, China Overseas Property and related departments within COLI system after project delivery in order to further enhance customer satisfaction.

Prospective Owner Communication

In order to push forward open and transparent project information and strengthen communication with prospective owners, the subsidies at all levels constantly improved customer services level with prospective owners based on local situations, including sharing with prospective owners about such contents as the latest real estate information, project development progress, China Overseas Property Club activities and business alliances discount activities by means of microblog and WeChat platform, and actively responded to focus issues concerned by customers.

Inspection before the owner moving in the house

To maintain good quality at each and every project and promptly solve the problems related to quality, one to three months before the delivery, the Company will organise the project construction management department, the customer service department dedicated to after-sale service and a third-party property inspection company for cross-checking before delivery. The customer service department also collects suggestions and opinions before and after delivery and directs this feedback to the planning, design and construction departments. Its comprehensive quality control and supervision system covers the entire process. Through informatization and professional innovation, it can continue to deliver premium products up to customers’ satisfaction.

Smooth Customer Complaint Channel

In 2016, COLI continued to strengthen whole-staff customer service awareness, improve timeliness and effectiveness in complaint handling, standardize complaint handling reception procedure, and smoothen customer problem feedback mechanism. Moreover, it publicized complaint contact information in project sales stores, reception desk of community property management office (or at lobby of each building), in-take site and on-line publicity platform, etc.

Product Complaints
Open Day at the Construction Site

To express its care and concern to property owners, Open Day at the construction site is held at appropriate time in the construction. Property owners are invited to the site and pictures are used to illustrate the process from vacant land to topping out. The staff also leads property owners to visit the site, to gain a better understanding about the property quality standards and details. In order to strengthen project quality, Hua Dong Region asked all companies in the region to hold a “Construction Site Open Day” 30 days ahead of schedule for their move-in projects, so to display the project quality and review it with the customers. It conducted the activities for nine times in the year.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In 2016, Western Region, Northern Region and Hua Nan Region continued to engage a third party research organization to conduct surveys on product and service satisfaction with its randomly-selected owners who purchased property during the sales stage or moved into the properties at different periods. The survey also focused on the sale, design and quality of the products of the developers, and also collected opinions and suggestions from customers on the daily services of the property management company for continuous improvement in customer service and property management quality of the Company. Besides, it has listened to customers’ opinions expressed through telephone hotlines, written documents, property owner forums and social media. It has quickly responded to customers’ needs, with an aim to improve its customer services.

Collaborate with Property Company for Co-building of Excellent Community

The projects invested and developed by COLI are managed professionally by “China Overseas Property Management Ltd.” China Overseas Property Management Ltd. was officially demerged and successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2015. While it is promoting basic property service quality (community safety management, environmental management, project maintenance management, and community cultural management, etc.), it also explores community O2O value-added service business so as to cooperate with COLI for co-building of excellent housing estate. The Company’s property development division and property companies joined hands to initiate an activity “Co-Building an Exemplary Model of a Top Property Projects” in 2011. Selected projects having been already occupied for two or more years were upgraded in order to optimise the facilities and improve property service, with an aim to enhance the living environment and experience. All expenses incurred in the projects of “Co-building of Eternal and Excellent Products” have been subsidised by the Company proactively. It is a significant investment to reward property owners continuously and to preserve and add value to the communities. The Company is a pioneer in the industry in providing such innovative service to better serve property owners. In 2016, COLI selected 29 projects in 14 cities in China to carry out “real estate property boutique co-construction activities” to continue give back to current property owners, improve the property owners’ living experience and enhance COLI’s product and service level.

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