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Adhering to the inclusive and people-oriented strategy in human resources, COLI has created and operated two human resources management arms, “Sons of the Sea” and “Sea’s Recruits”, selecting and employing outstanding talents from universities and the society. The Company has also established a systematic talent training mechanism, so as to secure human resources for its sustainable development.

Overview of Human Resources Management

Building on the foundation of solid human resource infrastructure and talent pool management, the Company adhered to the sound system and culture already in place, while seeking to achieve a balanced development of staff, guiding employees to incorporate their personal goals into the long-term corporate development objectives, resulting in a simple, transparent, positive and progressive working environment. The Company has also continued to optimise its appraisal, remuneration and welfare procedures, improve the office environment and organise different recreational activities to boost staff satisfaction and nurture their sense of belonging. Its outstanding performance in talent development and corporate governance has garnered for the Company the honors of “Best Employer in China” and “The Most Respected Company” for several consecutive years.

Staff Training and Education

Employees are key to a company’s success. COLI has created a working environment where all employees are treated with fairness, justice and respect. We adopt a unique approach in personnel training and selection while nurturing talents who share our goals and values through ongoing branded staff training and education. COLI strives to unleash the potential of its employees and to promote dynamic, harmonious and orderly development. By optimizing the talent pool, the Company has maintained a competitive edge in human capital effectiveness and overall human resources efficiency, ensuring and promoting the realization of its strategic goals.

Sons of the Sea
Collectively refers to the staff that COLI has recruited directly from universities. The Company has registered this trademark, utilising it to represent its corporate image to recruit staff among freshly graduated students, as well as its commitment to recruit and cultivate their professionalism, thereby enabling them to give full rein to their talents.
Sea’s Recruits
Collectively refers to the experienced staff that COLI has recruited directly from society, which is an integral part of the Company’s human resources team. “Sea’s Recruits” programme has become a distinctive symbol of COLI to attract the highly-qualified talents in the society as well as its recruitment platform open to experienced professionals.
New Employee Induction Training

In August 2016, the Engineering Company held “2016 Sons of the Sea Sailing Class” to give trainings to the new “Sons of the Sea”, covering China Overseas corporate culture, engineering professional foundation, and full-cycle of real estate development, and personal development and team spirit, which helped new employees quickly adapt to their new roles and the culture of China Overseas.

Job Bidding

In order to expand and optimise staff’s career development paths, improve staff allocation effectively of internal talent, and create a fair, just, open and transparent promotion environment, the regional companies in Ji’nan, Ningbo, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Nantong and Hefei continued to organise and conduct job bidding activities at different levels. Through self-introduction, on-site debate, overall score rating, they investigated overall quality of staff to promote cross-business line exchanges and excellent talent selection.

Training Camp for Staff with Potential

As a major part of the Company’s talent pool, potential employees are the performers and promoters of the Company’s strategic goals. In order to better cultivate and develop the expertise and professional qualities of potential employees and promote sharing and exchanges of the same expertise and crossing-complementing of different businesses, on 15 August 2016, Hua Nan region organised 2015 Sons of the Sea training camp. Through discussion and share, argument for confirmation of probation, program rehearsal, round table meeting and business training, it strengthened the regional and areas linkage echelon talent training.

Special Training for Sea's Recruits

In order to strengthen the corporate culture infiltration to “Sea’s Recruits” staff and inheritance of “China Overseas” series of professional skills and management experiences, and accelerate better and quicker integration of “Sea’s Recruits” staff, the Commercial Property Company held a month of Sea’s Recruits “inclusion” special training. The staff from headquarters and all subsidiaries of the Commercial Property Company went through systematic training sharing in commercial property quality management, operation service, project management, marketing, software design, business management, etc. On 18-19 August 2016, “Sea’s Recruits Orientation Camp” was organised by the Western region in Chongqing.

Case Studies Institute in Western Region

In order to create an efficient team, a series of trainings of Case Studies Institute were organised in Western Region in 2016, and HR Department, Development Department and Customer Relationship Department organised relevant trainings, thus strengthening the communication among all business lines within the region.

On-Job Education

The Company developed the “Management Method for Subsidising Staff to Receive Degree Education” in 2014 in order to enhance the system of staff training and development. The method allows core staff to update their expertise and enhance their competence. Through this system, the Company encourages and supports its staff to take on-job degree programs, providing them with opportunities of sustainable development. In 2015, more than 10 employees received on-job education through the scheme.

E-learning Academy of China Overseas Property

“E-learning Academy of China Overseas Property” established by the Company has become a platform for general staff training and self-development. The “E-learning Academy of COP” provides general background training by way of sharing videos, through which professional knowledge and experience are exchanged cross-regionally, cross-divisionally and cross-hierarchically. During the year, the Company organised more than 2,570 sessions of general training, with over 13,525 participants. More than 90% of employees received training through the E-learning Academy of China Overseas Property, with over 9,500 completions of courses and 16 counts of online learning per person.

Occupational Health and Safety

As a leading property enterprise with focus on property development and investment, the occupational health and safety risk related to daily business and workplace operations is relatively low. The Company has continued to optimize its work practices and daily management of its staff’s health and safety with the aim to create a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment.

Health Activity in 2016 "China Overseas Cup" Chairty marathon event

This activity was designed to promote the health of employees and stakeholders, comprising three major themes, “Public Charity”, “Clean and Anti-corruption”, “Staff Friendship”. The event was enfolded in three stages, i.e. “Dream Running”, “Clean Running” and “Happy Running”, which was carried out online and offline at the same time. It combined with staff mixer, charity, clean and anti-corruption, team building, business promotions to attract all staff, family members, community property owners, partners, teachers and students from Hope Primary School to take part in, promoting the concept of “Happy Work and Healthy Living” in the Company and the positive energy of China Overseas to the society.

Caring for Health, Cancer Prevention Screening

On 18 November 2016, the Commercial Property Company cooperated with PICC (People’s Insurance Company of China) to hold “Caring for Health, Cancer Prevention Screening” theme lectures and on-site cancer prevention screening test for the tenants and employees to provide value-added health services. The activity was warmly welcomed by the tenants, and more than 50 tenant representatives took part in it.

Commercial Company's Heartwarming Care Program

China Overseas Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. cares about physical and mental health of tenants in the office buildings and public security development of the society. On 8 November 2016, China Overseas Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. and the international leading first-aid training and rescue agency, “The First Reaction”, worked together to build up an office building public security service system. To provide high-level life safety for employees and tenants, they jointly developed and operated a security solution for comprehensive building services, customised office building safety certification system and standards, achieved a long-term SOS alert mechanism against life or safety threatening events. China Overseas Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. has taken the lead to equip AED equipment in life awareness for about 20 office building projects in operation in 10 cities, training qualified first aiders to pass a positive image for the public and jointly promote health first aid and rescue.

Commercial Company RUN TO RIO Sports Season

In August 2016, following the commencement of the Rio Olympics, the Commercial Property Company launched “RUN TO RIO” sports season series of activities where nine offices including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xi’an, and Shenyang organised the running program so as to pass a healthy and happy work life balance to the Company’s employees and tenants.

Staff Association

COLI has set up the Staff Association in 1992, with a mission to enhance the communications and interaction between all levels of the staff through diverse activities such as recreation, sports, seminars and gatherings. With its business presence expanding in an ever-greater number of cities, the Staff Association has also been set up in the new locations of its business operations to enrich the leisure time of the staff and serve as an important means to boost the sense of belonging and cohesion of the staff.

Staff Library

In order to enhance the professionalism of staff and motivate them of vocational learning, the regional companies establish staff library or book corners in each city to create continuous learning enterprises. As of 2016, staff libraries have been set up in Hangzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Nanchang, Shenyang, Yantai, Chongqing, Xi’an, Kunming, Xinjiang, Fuzhou, and Hainan, etc.

Staff Engagement

COLI has established a comprehensive human resources management policy and system, setting up standard procedures for salaries and fringe benefits, staff recruitment and promotion, transfer and exchange, management of resignation and termination, number of working hours, holidays, job qualification, awards and evaluation. When the Company determines recruitment and promotion of individuals, including basic salaries and fringe benefits of new employees, it focuses mainly on their past experience, qualifications and professional competence without discrimination against gender, age, family status, disability, race and religion. As the Company’s business presence covers nearly 50 cities in Mainland China as well as Hong Kong and Macau, the composition of teams within member companies have become more diversified.

Communications between Staff and Management

COLI fully supports positive interactive communications between management of different member companies and the staff to create an open, transparent and positive work environment and optimize management systems and policies in all aspects of the Company’s operations. The Company utilizes various online and offline channels such as the OA intranet system, working conferences and regular meetings to communicate the policies as well as the strategies and directions of the Company. It also regularly discloses the latest company news and provides a platform for its staff in different areas to share their personal living and work experience through its “China Overseas” magazine.

Staff Satisfaction Survey

To bolster the Company’s management standard and promote the spirit of democracy, COLI has been conducting the Annual Staff Satisfaction Survey for all staff of the Company on their satisfaction levels through its intranet platform since 2008. Both the participation rate and the satisfaction scores have been constantly rising year-on-year.

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